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A laid-back conversation with research scientists engaged in exciting work. Will we discuss their research? Of course! But we will also attempt to explore the path these individuals took in getting to where they are today. My goal is to get to know the human behind the scientist. Join in!

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Dr. Jayne Raper is a Professor of Biological Sciences at Hunter College of the City University of New York. Her research focuses on trypanosome lytic factors (TLFs), which are antimicrobial high-density lipoproteins that contribute to the innate immunity of primates. TLFs have the ability to to kill African trypanosomes, a parasite, via their unique protein components, such as apolipoprotein L-I. Dr. Raper’s research is at the center of the Transgenic Cattle Project, discussed in this episode. Visit her lab page for more information: Raper Lab

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Dr. David Amodio is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Neural Science at New York University. His research examines the psychological and neural mechanisms of intergroup relations and self-regulation, considering the roles of social cognition, emotion, and motivation as they relate to implicit processes and mechanisms of control in social behaviors. He is the director of the NYU Social Neuroscience Lab. Visit his lab page for more information: Amodio Lab

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I'm Simranjit (Sim) Singh, currently a college student (almost a college graduate). Economics major, with a "minor" in basic sciences, with particular interests in biochemistry and neuroscience. Also a research assistant in a social neuroscience lab for quite some time. Additionally, will be working as an EMT in the coming weeks. Somewhat all over the place but that's a good thing. Huge fan of podcasts. The accessibility of quality on-demand content is at an all time high, definitely some shows out there worth checking out.

I was searching for a podcast that regularly interviewed scientists, discussing not only their research but their lives as related to their work as well. Couldn't find one! And that's how you ended up on this page, sort of.

Please join me in casual conversation with scientists from a variety of disciplines, as I discuss with them their work and their path to their current position.

Stay breezy!

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