Scientist the Human Podcast : STH - E18 Dr. Bryan Field

A laid-back conversation with research scientists engaged in exciting work. Will we discuss their research? Of course! But we will also attempt to explore the path these individuals took in getting to where they are today. My goal is to get to know the human behind the scientist. Join in!

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Dr. Bryan Field is an Assistant Professor of Physics at SUNY Farmingdale on Long Island, New York. He is a theoretical particle physicist, and his work focuses on understanding results from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN and in the past he has actively collaborated on experiments involving ATLAS, which is one of two general-purpose detectors at the LHC. In particular, Dr. Fields is interested in the properties of the recently discovered Higgs Boson in the Standard Model of particle physics, as well as a concept known as supersymmetry, which is discussed at length in this episode. For more information visit his web page: Dr. Bryan Field

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  • Dr. Field is a gifted teacher. As a non-scientist, a humanities scholar, I was surprised to have followed this discussion. I was pulled into a fascination with the topics and will read more. I appreciated podcasts of this nature.

    posted by: Elaine Phelps on 2017-06-28 17:19:12

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